Complete line of bags for any packaging application. Mesh (onion, chile, pecan, cabbage), burlap, woven poly bags and paper, just ask and we can get what you need.

Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags

We supply a complete line of bulk bags. Duffle-top or spout-top, you tell us what size you need. Standard sizes 35"x35"x50", 65" or 72". Vented and double sleeve bags available. Perfect for pecans, fertilizer, anything you need to store or move in bulk.

Corrugated Packing Supplies

Corrugated Packing Supplies

We offer a complete line of corrugated packing supplies. Produce bins and boxes for all your produce packaging needs (pumpkins, watermelons, cabbage, chile, onion, etc.).

Ground Cover & Shade Cloth

Ground Cover & Shade Cloth

We offer a complete line of ground cover and shade cloth made from black polypropylene fabric, custom made to your sizing specifications. Shade cloths offer a variety of shade percentages for your growing needs. Rolls of ground cover have a green plant line every 12" to aid in plant placement.

Kwik Lok

Bag closer and supplies.

Newlong Sewing Machine & Supplies

Newlong Sewing Machines & Supplies

We carry a complete line of Newlong sewing machines and supplies. Thread is available in 8oz and 20lb cones for hand or pedestal machines.

Packaging Supplies

Packaging Supplies

We carry a complete line of packaging supplies for your convenience. Need stretch film, corner boards or packing tape? What about pallet covers, pallet pads, slip sheets, metal or poly strapping? What you need, we have.

Macro Bin

Plastic Bulk Containers & Pallets

Complete line of plastic containers and pallets for industrial, agricultural and food processing applications worldwide. Our products offer a unique level of quality, performance and cost-effective advantages unlike any other containers and pallets on the market.

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Produce Labels

We offer a full range of labels (strip, wineglass, produce tags) and printing equipment to meet your packaging requirements.

Repacking Supplies

We stock a complete line of repacking supplies including header rope (any color), baler bags and clipper wire.

Sensitech-Ryan Temperature Recorders & Truck Seals

We have available a complete line of temperature recorders and truck seals for all your produce shipping needs.

Tree Protectors

Protect young trees from bark damage with these durable and non abrasive tree bark protectors.
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Ventilated Stretch Netting & Film (Pallet wrap)

We offer a choice of Tamanet ventilated stretch netting or film to suit your packaging needs. Whether you need hand or machine netting/film, we can help. We carry 20" and 30" rolls. We can also help you with pallet wrapping machinery needs.

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